Do you have what it takes to become an online travel influencer?

Times are changing, where once people decided where to go on holidays based on advertisements now people are more interested in hearing the opinions of experienced, professional and honest people. These people are what we call travel influencers.
One thing which can be difficult as a new blogger starting out is getting exposure for your content or more simply put getting people to click and ready our blog. We have seen so many examples of talented bloggers who have given up because they feel their hard work is giving no reward.
Below are some top tips which we have carefully selected to help give you a head start or even just make some improvements to help you blog more effectively as well as reach and grow the right audience.


1. Make sure your content is useful and what your audience will want to read.

One mistake that a lot of bloggers make is that they write about things which might mean a lot to them or their friends or family but to be bluntly honest may be something strangers won’t care about.
For example you could blog about Budget travel tips, food recommendations, details on what to do or where to stay, photography inspiration, video entertainment etc.
Of course it also important that when you blog you feel you are blogging about your passion, but the key to success is to blog about something you are passionate about but also something your readers will find useful or inspiring.


2. Be interesting and do as many cool things as you can on your travels

When it comes to blogging about a personal experience ask yourself how awesome would this story be on a scale of 1-10.
For example if you are blogging about the time you were at a full moon party in Thailand and got really drunk you might find a lot of people won’t be interested in reading this but if you wrote about the time you sailed along the coast of Africa then you might find this will be a much more interesting article for a much bigger audience.
So remember always ask yourself, what would this blog rank on the awesome scale, and be honest!


3. Guest Blog, Guest Blog, Guest Blog

As I mentioned above when you start out on your blogging journey you will most likely find it quite hard to be noticed and get your out to a big audience in the beginning.
One way you can improve on this, is by guest blogging. Guest blogging is when you blog on someone else’s website or personal blog. This is a great way to get your content out to that page or person’s audience, which will then help you gain new followers and allow you to build your brand.
One piece of advice we will give you, is to make sure that the site or blog you are guest blogging on has the same target audience as you so that you are reaching the right people. Be picky, you’re talented but everyone needs a little help at the beginning.


4. Use social media as your personal promoter

If you want to be a successful blogger you need to be using all the social media channels that are both relevant in that the majority of people you want to target with your piece of content are there.

So what do I mean when I say relevant? Well one common mistake we see among bloggers today is pushing their blog out on the wrong social media channels. For example LinkedIn is a social media site which contains the biggest amount of company decision makers which are all in the one place. So if you were blogging about the best restaurant to go to in Egypt you may find that not a lot of people are clicking on your post, the reason being Linkedin is more for people who blog about professional or services or industry news.

The correct place to post your blog would be on Facebook or Twitter, these sites are more causal and places people come to consume content which actually interests them personally rather than their business, career or employer.

It is also vital that you post consistently. Make a plan of what you will post each day and at what time. This allows you to stay organised and be more efficient with your posts. The more you post the more your audience and engagement will grow.


So this was our top tips to ensuring that you are creating content and sharing with your audience in a way which will help you grow your followers and also your brand. If you have any questions or are interested in finding out more about something you have read today please do not hesitate to leave a comment below.

Best Xmas Markets in Europe

Christmas (Xmas) is the season of family time, celebrations and lots of shopping!! And what are the best places for buying gifts if not the Xmas markets?! Europe has plenty of local Xmas markets and we chose the most popular markets that you can choose to go to this Xmas season:

3. Vienna - Austria

Xmas markets in Vienna have become one of the most popular markets not only in Austria, but in Europe. A lot of tourists visit Vienna during Christmas Season because of the local markets which date back since 1298. The capital holds various Christmas Market Villages across the city and each one being unique. To find out more about these magical markets, click here.

Where: On the square in front of the City Hall
When: 17th November - 26th December 2017
Opening hours: Sun-Thu 10am - 9.30pm, Fri and Sat 10am - 10pm; 7th December 10am - 10pm, 24th December 10am - 6pm, 25th and 26th December 11am - 9.30pm

2. Dusseldorf - Germany

For Gingerbread lovers, Dusseldorf is heaven! Here you will find miniature houses made of gingerbread and many other delicious treats. There are 5 themed Xmas markets and all of them spread across the city centre, with free access ice skating at the Gustaf-Gründgens-Platz.

Where: City Centre
When: 23th November - 23rd December 2017
Opening hours: Daily 11am–8pm, Fri–Sat until 9pm, closed on Nov 26.

1. Brussels - Belgium

Xmas markets in Brussels are epic. There are over 250 chalets spread across 2 kms long, making Brussels the largest Xmas markets city in Europe. The atmosphere is very jolly, with live choir music playing and the scent of hot chocolate in the air, you feel like you don't want to leave this place.

Where: the Squares, Haren, Neder-Over-Heembeek and Laeken
When: 24th November - 31st December 2017
Opening hours: Mon to Thurs: 12pm–9pm, Fri: 12pm–10pm, Sat to Sun: 11am–10pm

We would love to hear from you, which Xmas markets do you love the most..we will have them included in our next blog!